University of Chicago law professor Brian Leiter, editor of the Leiter Law School Reports and well-known law school rankings, is profiled in the Friday issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education. The impetus for the story is a dust-up over his philosophy department rankings and treatment of others in the field. (Leiter is also a philosopher.)  Leiter’s own take on the matter can be found here. (Update: More here) The Daily Nous provides more background here.

If past experience is any guide, comment threads on posts involving Leiter can get a bit salty. I have no intention of spending my day policing comment threads (three author reviews have arrived in my inbox this week, and I have brief to attend to), so please make every effort to keep it civil.

UPDATE: Here’s a round-up of links and commentary from Legal Insurrection.  And here’s the inevitable coverage from Above the Law.