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Mercatus Center conference on Dodd-Frank and the future of financial services regulation

Next month, on June 17, the Mercatus Center will be hosting a one day conference on Dodd-Frank and the future of financial services reguation. Info and registration is here.

Here’s the conference description:

A well-functioning financial system is a key ingredient in a well-functioning economy. Whether an existing company wants to bring a new product to market or a new company wants to compete with an existing company, access to funding is essential. Financial regulation can encourage or inhibit financial markets’ ability to provide the financial products and services necessary to support a vigorous, dynamic economy. A well-designed regulatory system enables the financial system to work efficiently, effectively, and creatively to support economic prosperity.
Please join us for this important conference to discuss how well the financial system is serving entrepreneurs, businesses, and the American people.
Our speakers and panelists will address questions such as:
Confirmed speakers include:
Questions about this event? Please contact Brittany Hemsath at or (703) 993-8297.