Donald Trump is apparently upset with some of the negative ads running against him, such as a recent series alleging Trump University was a scam. This charge has been repeated by others, and is the basis for pending litigation against Trump. For those interested, Glenn Kessler reviewed the ads here.

This week, the Trump campaign sent a cease-and-desist letter to the pro-Rubio Conservative Solutions PAC, charging that the ads were false and were the result of illegal coordination between the Rubio campaign and the pro-Rubio PAC.

Conservative Solutions PAC spokesman Jeff Sadosky responded:

It’s no surprise that Donald is desperately afraid of voters learning about how he’s fleeced families out of millions through his scam college, but he can’t scare us off from sharing his record and his business’s D- rating from the Better Business Bureau. And if the wall he promises is of the same quality as the legal work he gets from his lawyers, it’ll crumble in days, as his lawyers missed the fact that THESE AREN’T EVEN OUR ADS!

Oops. The ads in question were produced by the American Future Fund. The two PACs are not related. (“Top Men” indeed.)

As it happens, this is not the first time the Trump campaign’s legal team has made this sort of mistake. Perhaps when the Donald says he only hires “the best,” he means he only hires the best among those who are actually willing to work for him.