[Here is the latest edition of the Institute for Justice’s weekly Short Circuit newsletter, written by John Ross.]

Is panhandling constitutionally protected speech? Verily, argues Evan Bernick of the Center for Judicial Engagement. Read more here. Separately, IJ Senior Attorney Anthony Sanders recently penned a masterful, scholarly article about “Baby Ninth Amendments” that just might be of interest.
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In Baltimore, large swaths of the city are off limits to certain mobile vendors, thanks to a 2014 ordinance requiring them to keep 300 feet away from fixed establishments that sell the same type of food, other merchandise or service. The purpose of the rule? Naught to do with public health or safety. Rather, city officials mean to protect restaurant owners and retailers (who pushed for the ordinance) from competition. Which is unconstitutional, and this week IJ filed suit on behalf of two food truck owners to put a stop to it. Learn more here. Concerned about mobile food vendors’ health-and-safety record? No need! Check out the data.