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(Here is the latest edition of the Institute for Justice’s weekly Short Circuit newsletter.)

Medallions to own or lease taxis were once an investment that outpaced gold and the Dow. Thanks to competition from Uber and Lyft, their value is now freefalling nationwide. Instead of preserving the taxi industry’s cartel, cities should scrap the medallion system entirely and liberalize taxi markets, argues Nick Sibilla.

This week on the podcast: Special guest Erica Smith drops by to discuss a ban on sex toys, (continued) IRS misconduct, an FEC regulation that (likely) runs afoul of the First Amendment, and a truthful endodontist.

For nearly 20 years, Bob and Rina Thomas have operated their family-owned business from a small office building on the Public Square of Elberton, Ga. After the Thomases refused to sell their building to the city in April to make way for renovation of a $5 million hotel, the city turned around and announced plans to bulldoze the Thomases’ building to build a pedestrian walkway. Now the city is invoking eminent domain to seize the Thomases’ building by using a “quick take” procedure intended to build highways — not clear land for the convenience of private businesses. Click here to read about how IJ is fighting this land grab.