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(Here is the latest edition of the Institute for Justice’s weekly Short Circuit newsletter, written by John Ross.)

All across the land, officials are spending enormous sums of public money on fanciful real-estate schemes, subsidies for companies that relocate from one locality to another, sports stadiums, and much more. We advocate a different approach to economic development: freeing entrepreneurs from initiative-strangling red tape. In a new report, IJ Senior Attorney Paul Sherman identifies seven common restrictions that cities could strip from their codes at little to no cost resulting in a boon to entrepreneurs. Click here to read it.

Last month, California legislators passed a sterling civil-forfeiture reform bill by a wide margin (69-7 in the Assembly and 39-0 in the Senate). To curb policing for profit, SB 443 would require a criminal conviction before agencies could receive equitable-sharing payments from the federal government on forfeited real estate, vehicles, boats, and cash valued at under $40k and raise the threshold to forfeit seized cash under state law from $25k to $40k. All the bill needs now is the governor’s signature. Click here to learn more.