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(Here is the latest edition of the Institute for Justice’s weekly Short Circuit newsletter, written by John Ross.)

In 2011, Virginia regulators barred a hospital from opening a neonatal intensive care unit, lest it compete with another hospital’s preexisting unit across town. This was a poor decision, and one that got the long-form journalistic treatment over at Reason last week. IJ Senior Attorney Darpana Sheth is interviewed.

Last week, the South Dakota Senate unanimously approved a bill that would permit African-style hair braiders to work without obtaining a cosmetology license. The state requires aspiring cosmetologists to complete 2,100 hours of training and coursework (the most burdensome requirement in the country), but little, if any, of it is relevant to braiders. Should the bill become law, South Dakota would become the 21st state to free the braiders. Read more here. In related news, IJ is currently challenging the application of Missouri’s 1,500-hour cosmetology training requirement to hair braiders. Click here for more on that.