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(Here is the latest edition of the Institute for Justice’s weekly Short Circuit newsletter, written by John Ross.)

The growing bipartisan movement to rein in occupational licensing has claimed some important victories in recent weeks, writes IJ Communications Associate Nick Sibilla at, with the repeal of restrictions on hair braiders in New Hampshire and shampooers in Tennessee. Read more here.

In March, the Eleventh Circuit ruled that IJ client Mary Lou Wesselhoeft could truthfully label her skim milk as “skim milk,” even though it did not meet the gov’t’s definition. Florida regulators had previously insisted that Mary Lou either add additives, which would contradict her all-natural philosophy, or call her skim milk “imitation milk product,” which would be ridiculous. As of last week, her skim milk is back on the market. Hear, hear for commercial speech! Learn more about the case.