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(Here is the latest edition of the Institute for Justice’s weekly Short Circuit newsletter, written by John Ross.)

New on the podcast: the right to engage in prostitution, gun sales too close to residences, self-storage too close to a school, and leafleting too close to a circus.

Esteban Narez wants to earn a living as a farrier, and Bob Smith, who owns California’s only full-time horseshoeing school, wants to teach him. But California prohibits Bob from enrolling Esteban because Esteban lacks a high school diploma. Which is a real shame because the pay and work flexibility from shoeing horses would be a significant improvement for Esteban, who currently works seven days a week doing odd jobs on a ranch to support his family. This month, Esteban and Bob filed a First Amendment lawsuit, arguing it’s unconstitutional for the state to require Esteban to pass a high school equivalency exam unrelated to horseshoeing before he can go to trade school. Read more here.