“Resolution 242 Revisited”: new research on Security Council’s approach to Israel-Arab conflict

My newly published paper presents new evidence that the Security Council's landmark Resolution 242, adopted after the 1967 Israeli-Arab war, allows Israel to maintain its presence in parts of the territory that came under its authority in that war. The research also suggests that a much-mooted French draft resolution would effectively undo the U.S.-backed compromises in Res. 242.

Fourth Circuit upholds harsh piracy punishment against Eighth Amendment challenge

The Fourth Circuit rules that the U.S.'s mandatory minimum life sentence for piracy does not violate the Eigth Amendment, despite being an historical relic and and in international outlier. And this is the right decision, though the ruling in U.S. v. Said also raises interesting questions about common law crimes and the Define and Punish Clause of the Consitution.