Student-edited “National Security Law Journal” repudiates article that advocates targeting legal scholars as “enemy combatants” in the War on Terror

The new editor in chief of the student-edited National Security Law Journal has recognized that it was a "mistake" to publish a ridiculous article advocating the targeting of law professors critical of government policy in the War on Terror, as "enemy combatants." The incident highlights some of the shortcomings of student-edited law reviews - and how they can be reduced.

The economics of secession

Secessionists often argue that independence will help their region prosper. By contrast, opponents routinely predict that secession will be an economic disaster. The evidence, however, is mixed. The economic consequences of secession depend on circumstances, and on the policies adopted by the new nation.

The constitutional debate over birthright citizenship

Donald Trump's candidacy has rekindled the constitutional debate over birthright citizenship, and whether the Constitution allows the federal government to deny citizenship to children of illegal immigrants born in the United States. While the issue isn't an easy one, defenders of birthright citizenship have the better of the argument.

Nations can and do exist without immigration restrictions

Donald Trump and other immigration restrictions argue that we must restrict migration because a nation cannot exist without borders. This oft-heard claim is false. Borders serve many other functions besides restricting migration. And nations - including the US for much of its history - have often existed without restricting peaceful migration.