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Here are the final papers from the symposium I helped host on the computer hacking laws.

Because they have grown up in an intolerant monoculture, it’s not irrational for students to fear the potential consequences of intolerance from the other side.

The evidence suggests that Yale discriminates against conservative and libertarian legal scholars.

Yale dean says it's understandable that conservative students feel uncomfortable because of the potentially negative consequences that flow from "saying something stupid."

Go here for more information.

An upcoming conference at Stanford celebrating (I hope!) the 20th anniversary of publication of "Law and Borders."

Someone is mailing packets of poop to philosophers.

University of San Diego Orginalism Center's premier originalism event announces its presenters.

If you want to measure how liberal or conservative different possible nominees to the Supreme Court may be, I don't think this is the best way to do it.

Instead of giving students "trigger warnings," I offer a warning against the trigger warnings themselves.

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