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Scholarly associations that implement boycotts of Israel risk violating corporate law by going beyond the limited purposes to which they have committed themselves in their constitutions. Members of such groups may be able to bring actions to enjoin such boycotts.

In both 1995 and 2015, Princeton student protesters took over the university president's office. In 1995, the university president refused to meet with the protesters while they occupied his office. In 2015, the university president negotiated with the students in his office and signed an agreement promising to take steps toward satisfying their demands -- and then thanked the students for their willingness to work with him.

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According to recent estimates, law faculties are less representative ideologically than they have been for at least several decades.

Zero tolerance Ringwraiths in school administration are far more dangerous than fourth graders with rings of power.

The Institute would love to have teachers evaluate it; please see the post for more details.

School vouchers are sometimes helpful and never harmful, as Colorado amicus brief explains.

Why give public school teachers a huge financial incentive to stay long after they've burnt out?

Equality or quality? And can judges fix schools?

A California judge has struck down state laws on public school teacher tenure under the California state constitution. Some are celebrating , but the opinion strikes me as weak.

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