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The Washington Post

Gay rights have helped shape modern Second Amendment law, thanks to the group Pink Pistols and men such as Tom G. Palmer and Jonathan Rauch.

"The apparently coordinated bombings that killed more than 30 people in Belgium are unlikely to be duplicated in the United States, ... former intelligence and counterterrorism officials said," reports a Post article. I hope that's correct. But, if it is, how can we get it to continue being correct?

President signs three gun law reforms: prohibiting ban on lead ammunition; first step to right-to-carry for military personnel; sell surplus military handguns to the public.

In 1942, when the enemy showed that it could strike the homeland, Maryland Gov. Herbert O'Conor called forth the Maryland Minute Men -- citizens providing their own arms -- for defense against enemy raiders.

The D.C. Circuit denies a request to reconsider its stay of an injunction against the federal government's metadata collection program.

Should my critique of Obama administration lawlessness extend to NSA data collection and drone strikes on American citizens?

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit divides over whether a U.S. citizen may file suit for money damages against law enforcement officials who allegedly detained and tortured him overseas.

An observation.

An interesting dismissal on political question grounds of a suit challenging the U.S.'s use of force in anti-piracy operations also makes a curious reference to "citizens of Taiwan."

The Fourth Circuit rules that the U.S.'s mandatory minimum life sentence for piracy does not violate the Eigth Amendment, despite being an historical relic and and in international outlier. And this is the right decision, though the ruling in U.S. v. Said also raises interesting questions about common law crimes and the Define and Punish Clause of the Consitution.

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