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A tentative early assessment of Obama's constitutional legacy.

It should not allow the president to initiate wars without congressional authorization.

Democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine deserves credit for standing up for constitutional limits on presidential power to initiate war - even against a Democratic administration.

Ending sex discrimination in draft registration is a laudable goal. But the best way to do it is to abolish forced labor for both men and women.

In video of Westgate Mall mass shooting in Nairobi, former Interpol Secretary-General Ron Noble explains how armed citizens saved hundreds of lives.

President Obama admits that his handling of the 2011 intervention Libya was a serious mistake. But he would do well to also recognize that the war was unconstitutional, and that its illegality helped contribute to the failure on the ground failure.

He now says he will obey the law. But that is not same thing as truly reversing his position.

Top Army and Marine generals argue that women should be required to register for the draft, now that they can serve in virtually all combat positions. But the better way to achieve gender equity in this field is to abolish draft registration for men.

President signs three gun law reforms: prohibiting ban on lead ammunition; first step to right-to-carry for military personnel; sell surplus military handguns to the public.

The Pentagon's recent decision to open virtually all combat positions to women suggests that the days of male-only draft registration are likely to be numbered. But the best way to achieve gender equality in this field is not to force women to register for the draft, but to abolish draft registration for all. That way, we can achieve both equality and freedom for men and women alike.

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