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French dip-inspired lean steak plus umami-rich mushrooms beef up a sandwich, without weighing it down.

The makers of Rice Krispies, Hellmann's mayonnaise, Spam and more have signed on to a global initiative to slash their food waste by 2030.

The rice brand will simply be known as “Ben's Original.”

Our favorite tofu dishes include Maangchi’s crunchy tofu bites, okonomiyaki with smoked tofu and sheet pan tofu with peanut sauce.

Toss together bite-size tomatoes, olives, pepperoncini and mozzarella for a crunchy dinner in a bowl.

Depending on whom you ask, it's not as easy or as hard as people say.

Servers are being taught how to keep calm — and keep a confrontation from turning ugly.

Cinnamon — not pumpkin spice blends — is the harbinger of fall.

Tofu makers attribute the spike to an interest in healthy, plant-based protein sources in the wake of meat-supply disruptions and an economic slowdown.

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