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Killing deer for venison helps prevent their damage to habitats, their danger to humans and the greenhouse gases they emit.

This cheddar biscuit sandwich recipe from chef Alex Guarnaschelli makes two extra biscuits — for snacking while you cook, or breakfast the next morning.

Brothy soups, chunky soups, creamy soups, but all light soups, ready for early fall.

Pantry-friendly vegetarian dumplings are filled with canned mushrooms, bamboo shoots and two flavor-packed sauces.

Make double the amount of marinated tuna and use the leftovers to make a second meal.

Frances Moore Lappé’s “Diet For a Small Planet” is one of the most visionary books of the past half-century, says Michael Pollan.

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A good grilled cheese can become great with just a few small tweaks.

Think beyond granola and sprinkling over cereal. Dried fruit can add nuanced flavor to savory dishes, too.

The meatless version of a popular Brazilian dish is filling, flavorful and frugal.

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