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Use up all your spring greens in this super quick take on Greek spanakopita.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about composting at home but were afraid to ask.

  • Kristen Hartke
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Got herbs? Let's use them up.

If it's your favorite dish at the Ethiopian restaurant, know that misir wot is achievable at home, too.

Reducing the use of plastic wrap in your home kitchen is easier than you might think. Here's how.

Three years after Anthony Bourdain's death, the man behind "Parts Unknown" and "No Reservations" continues to influence our food and travel choices.

Gather fresh mint and fresh or frozen peas to make this simple pureed sauce for seared scallops.

For the sake of the environment, you can ditch those rolls hanging over your counter.

Tips to help you rethink the way you grocery shop and cut down on food and kitchen waste in your home.

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