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Baking with oil not only requires less work, and results in fewer dirty dishes, than butter, but it also produces tender, moist baked goods with an impressively long shelf-life.

  • Jessie Sheehan
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The cake is whisked together in a single bowl except for the whipped whites, which get added at the end.

  • Jessie Sheehan
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A meaty fish, preheated grill and clean grates are a few of the keys to easier fish grilling.

The challenge distillers face is getting authentic, appealing coconut flavor into a bottle without also including the fruit’s significant fat.

During covid-19 shutdowns, 35 states allowed restaurants to serve to-go cocktails, and most of them have made the change permanent or extended it.

Yogurt can add creamy richness to dips, sauces and marinades.

While they serve a similar purpose, baking powder and baking soda are different and not necessarily interchangeable.

The cookies range from simple to those requiring multiple components. All were developed to evoke D.C.-area poets and their work.

No-knead breads deliver all the satisfaction of freshly baked loaves, rolls and more, without requiring a mixer or lots of dough work on the counter.

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