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Cooking with blood makes many Americans squeamish, unlike in many other parts of the world. Author Jennifer McLagan wants to demystify it as an ingredient.

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Here's how the Chicken Sandwich Wars are going after McDonald's entry into the fray.

Hearty grains and recipes that make them shine.

Creamy white beans are topped with a bright, colorful and crunchy mound of slivered radicchio and crispy apple.

Make BLTs in the winter by roasting out-of-season tomatoes.

Many have taste-tested Lady Gaga's limited-edition Oreos. We try to decode their very meaning instead.

Tonya Council, a Chapel Hill, N.C., baker, says, "To me, it’s about being supportive, not just seeming supportive."

A meatless Reuben begins with pressing portobello mushrooms in the skillet to create meaty slabs with which to build the sandwich.

This bistro-worthy duck confit is easy to make at home. No, really, all you need is duck, salt and pepper.

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