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Forget the trendy chain coffee shop drinks. Turmeric makes these dishes shine.

Cooking with blood makes many Americans squeamish, unlike in many other parts of the world. Author Jennifer McLagan wants to demystify it as an ingredient.

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Here's how the Chicken Sandwich Wars are going after McDonald's entry into the fray.

Hearty grains and recipes that make them shine.

Creamy white beans are topped with a bright, colorful and crunchy mound of slivered radicchio and crispy apple.

Make BLTs in the winter by roasting out-of-season tomatoes.

Many have taste-tested Lady Gaga's limited-edition Oreos. We try to decode their very meaning instead.

Tonya Council, a Chapel Hill, N.C., baker, says, "To me, it’s about being supportive, not just seeming supportive."

A meatless Reuben begins with pressing portobello mushrooms in the skillet to create meaty slabs with which to build the sandwich.

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