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A how-to guide for mashing different types of vegetables beyond just the humble potato.

Mashing turns the gnarly celery root into this smooth vegan side dish.

This leftover-friendly gratin gets its protein from lentils and richness from tangy feta cheese and crème fraîche.

"Moist" might be one of the most hated words. But no one wants a "damp" cake.

Simple chicken stir-fries make dinner easy-peasy.

Smart shopping, flexibility and a willingness to give yourself a break are key to making solo cooking feasible — and fun — in an ongoing pandemic.

This baked rice with pumpkin and black beans will fill you up — and won't mess up your kitchen.

Whether sprinkled on top of a casserole, coating chicken cutlets or folded into a crabcake, Japanese panko does it all.

Fragrant roasted chicken is brined in homemade adobo and finished with a bright citrusy sauce.

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