Tacos, like their cousins, sandwiches, rank among the world’s best foods, in our humble opinion.

We’re always in search of inspiration to switch up our taco routine; here are five flavorful fillings that have graced our tables lately. (Also, just throwing this out there: Most of these would be right at home tucked into a sandwich or plopped onto toast.)

(Scott Suchman for The Washington Post)

Tacos With Tofu Chorizo and Potatoes. If you don’t tell your fellow diners* that these are vegetarian, they would never know. (But really; we’ve made these for many a meat eater who thought them impressive.) The secret is in the extra-firm tofu. First, you press the liquid out, then crumble it all up and stir in a slew of spices and a little apple cider vinegar. That vinegar is important — these need a little acidic kick to confidently mimic fresh chorizo. Also know the tofu chorizo is quite good in a hash or sandwiches.

*No, we are not suggesting that you try to trick people.

(Stacy Zarin Goldberg for The Washington Post)

Silvia’s Quick Shredded Chicken. Use this as a formula for taking whatever leftover protein you’ve got and turning it into a tasty taco filling. Here, shredded rotisserie chicken gets mixed with some sauteed onion, garlic and tomatoes, then seasoned with some herbs, salt and pepper. You can mix it all up however you want: Use parsley instead of cilantro, add some ground cumin or coriander or chili powder mix, dash in a little Sriracha or soy sauce … the taco filling is your oyster.

(Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

Walnut Tacos. Another great vegetarian or vegan option: Here, walnuts are pulsed in a food processor with a mix of cilantro, cumin, chili powder and lime juice. Top ’em as you like, but we recommend avocado, chopped tomato, sliced cabbage and sour cream.

(Goran Kosanovic for The Washington Post)

Dorie Greenspan’s Shrimp and Tomato-Pineapple Salsa Tacos. The shrimp is seasoned simply with Old Bay, but the real stars of this show are the toppings. The cherry tomato salsa gets crunch from bell pepper and a little sweet-acidic edge thanks to pineapple. And need we extol the virtues of a good avocado mash seasoned with lime and salt? Serve with corn or flour tortillas.

(Stacy Zarin Goldberg for The Washington Post)

Tacos With Spicy, Smoky Lentils. These are some of our favorite legume-based tacos, thanks mostly to the smoky edge lent from paprika and chipotle peppers. Also know that leftover lentils are really nice when tossed with some pasta and yogurt.

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