We don’t know about you, but we sure could use a cocktail right about now. Since we’ve not sworn off tequila for good, we picked through our archives to find a few drinks made with the spirit, plus one with its smoky cousin, mezcal, and one with rum, for good measure. Cheers, friends!

E-Z Paloma. As simple as salting the rim of a glass (run a lime wedge around first, to help the salt stick), filling it with ice and topping with some tequila and grapefruit soda.

(Deb Lindsey For The Washington Post)

Daiquiri. If the only drink you’ve had by this name is frozen and cloyingly sweet, do yourself a favor and make this one — it’s got a perfect sweet-tart balance and won’t immediately induce a hangover upon first sip. You’ll notice the ingredients call for a rich Demerara syrup, which is easy to make (you’ll learn how in the note at the bottom of the recipe); it’ll keep in your refrigerator for up to two weeks, but if you don’t think you’ll use it all, make a half batch. (We do have some suggestions for other cocktails using the stuff, though, right this way.)

(Deb Lindsey For The Washington Post)

Margarita. Use a good blanco or reposado tequila, such as Siembra Azul, El Tesoro or Tequila Ocho, as the tequila is the most flavorful ingredient in here. A little Cointreau (orange liqueur) and agave nectar balance out the fresh lime juice.

(Deb Lindsey For The Washington Post)

Rhubarb Margaritas. The spring vegetable lends a stunning hue and an extra layer of tart to this big batch of margs. An addition of seltzer water makes these easy-sipping drinks even more celebratory.

(Deb Lindsey For The Washington Post)

Oaxaca Old Fashioned. For those who prefer their drinks strong, this riff on the classic cocktail uses both tequila and smoky mezcal. Plus, you’ll get to play with fire: This tipple is garnished with an orange twist that’s passed through a match’s flame, to extract the peel’s oils and lend another layer of flavor.

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