It’s no secret that we at Voraciously and WaPoFood love condiments. We pen love letters about them; we fashion silly quizzes for them. We constantly seek out ways to use them up, partly in an attempt to maintain order among the refrigerated real estate. But one condiment that hasn’t yet received its due is relish.

Store-bought relish is great — it’s not a hot dog or carrot dog without some. But the homemade stuff is easy and leaves plenty of room for experimenting. From our archives, here are a few sweet, sour, spicy and saucy ways to relish:

Spicy, Sweet and Sour Corn Relish, pictured above. A tangy mix that also includes rice wine vinegar, jalapenos and bell pepper. Serve it with pork or chicken, use it to top toast and scatter it on fried green tomatoes.

Quick Dill Pickle Relish. We had to have one recipe using cucumbers, didn’t we? This quick pickle-meets-chopped-salad approach is a delight spooned over plain yogurt and next to grilled fish. It would also make a nice crunchy addition to chicken salad and tuna salad.

Spicy, Sweet and Sour Pineapple-Jalapeno Relish. Eat it with lamb, burgers or flatbread; use it as a dip for pita or chips. It’s also lovely with mangoes, grapes, plums or any fruit that’s got a sweet-tart quality.

Green Apple Relish. This creamy condiment is flavored with nigella, cumin and fennel seeds. It gets a pleasant boost of tartness from grated apples. Serve it with fish and chicken, and as a dip with carrots, cucumbers and pita chips.

Cannellini Toasts With Radicchio and Lemon-Parsley Relish. The loose mix of parsley, garlic, salt and lemon (rind and all!) adds a punch of flavor. We’d use it on grilled chicken, fish and burgers, too.

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