As much as I fondly recall the Ring Pops, Fun Dip and Everlasting Gobstoppers from the pool snack bar of my youth, these days I like to think my taste has gotten a little more sophisticated (just don’t leave a box of Runts within arm’s reach of me, okay?). Plus, one can’t live on candy alone, or so I’m told.

The ideal pool snack is make-ahead, portable, light — even if it is a myth that you have to wait to swim after eating — and stable enough to last outside for a few hours. Fresh fruit is a given this time of year, but here are some other ideas from our archives that are a little more grown-up and still fun enough to make you the envy of all the other poolgoers.

Party Mix, above. It’s kind of like classic Chex Mix but with a homemade twist. The recipe is very easy and makes a huge quantity that should be enough to last the length of your pool outing, but you never know.

Creamy Orange Cookies. Channel those Creamsicles from the snack bar, but in cookie form. This is another recipe that will feed a hungry crowd.

Mango Tomatillo Salsa. This sweet, tart and spicy dip looks and tastes like summer in a bowl. It can last five days in the refrigerator, so all you need to do the day of is toss a bag of chips in your tote.

Granola Wedges. Forget the bars in crinkly wrappers. With a six-item ingredient list and very little prep time, you get a wholesome but sweet snack that also happens to be gluten-free.

Peach Fruit Leathers. Swap in this peak-season treat when the craving for a Fruit Roll-Up strikes.

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