A very wise person, who is definitely not me, once said: Give a man a jar of Prego and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man how to make his own tomato sauce and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.

That’s where I come in. I’m going to feed you for a lifetime.

It’s an aggressive first-date proclamation, I know! But I hope the tricks and tools I pass on to you during this 12-week newsletter series — such as the long-term benefits of whipping up some All-Purpose Tomato Sauce or stretching those giant bundles of fresh herbs into marinades — will keep you well-fed long after our time together ends.

I’m Tanya, an audience editor here at The Washington Post and a passionate home cook who understands what it really takes to get a meal on the dinner table (or coffee table, or your own lap) after a demanding workday.

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Cooking has become an integral part of who I am — a 20-something Cuban and Ukrainian American from Atlanta, if you’re wondering. It’s when I feel most creative; it’s how I show the people in my life that I love them; it’s how I take care of myself.

Let’s talk about that whole self-care thing, actually. It’s not easy, and it’s something I’m always striving to be a little better at. You probably are, too.

A home-cooked meal can be a seemingly modest but practical place to start.

Meal Plan of Action will take some of the tougher work out of the equation so you can focus all that “what’s for dinner” energy elsewhere.

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If meal planning is a spectrum, Blue Apron sits cross-ankled on one end and big-batch Pinterest porn (Chicken! Breast! Roasted! Veggies! Rice! For! Five! Days! Straight!) stands menacingly on the other. You and me? We’re hanging out squarely in the middle.

The middle is a happy marriage of each side’s more palatable offerings.

Here’s what you can expect to arrive in your inbox each week:

  • A three-meal menu (with leftovers) for the week, because let’s be real, you’re probably eating out every now and then.
  • A weekend “meal-prep” task or two that won’t take up more than an hour of your very precious time.
  • A weekly grocery list that covers all three meals and is optimized for the budget-conscious.
  • Recipes that are designed for one or two people, that are easily scalable.
  • Creative ways to repurpose those leftovers.
  • Tips you’ll want to pass on to the group chat.

Over here at Voraciously, we’re all about helping you navigate the kitchen efficiently and with confidence. Each week, our easy-to-follow game plan will focus on one ingredient, show you how to give that item a little TLC on a Sunday afternoon and explore how a week’s worth of deceptively easy (and, above all, tasty) dinners can be built around it.

I hope you’ll sign up and tell a pal. It’ll be a good time. You’ll receive a new Meal Plan of Action every Thursday afternoon (beginning Sept. 6) for the next 12 weeks, starting with a paean of sorts to tomatoes.

Can’t wait to call your inbox home.

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