Remind us how it got to be September and back-to-school time already? At this rate, we’ll need a boost of energy in caffeine form to keep up with it all.

We’re creatures of habit who tend to stick to a cup of hot coffee — black and bitter, like our hearts — first thing in the morning. But for the days when we need an additional boost, something cold and slightly sweeter calls to us. (And, yes, we’ve heard that it’s already pumpkin spice latte season. Thanks, we’re not scarred at all. We’ll be fine!) Here are a few ways to satisfy a sweet caffeine fix, from our archives.

Iced Mocha, above. If you like your milk and chocolate sauce with a suggestion of coffee, this drink is for you. You can certainly use a homemade sauce, but store-bought works perfectly well, too. Blend it all up and slurp to your heart’s content.

Iced Avocado and Coffee Drink (Es Alpukat). Avocado, plenty of espresso, almond milk and a syrup made with pandan leaves (or vanilla and lime juice) combine to make a creamy, refreshing vegan shake.

Zuni Cafe Espresso Granita With Whipped Cream. This makes a lovely way to end a dinner or a convenience to keep in your freezer for coffee break time.

Coffee Gelatins. Yes, this is essentially coffee Jell-O, and, yes, we are quite pleased with ourselves.

Iced Coffee Cookies. Instant coffee in the dough and glaze offers a bitter edge, along with the decorative walnuts.

Frozen ‘Irish Coffee.’ Rather than the traditional whiskey, this drink uses brandy and coffee liqueur. Vanilla ice cream makes it nice and creamy.

Sweet Liberty’s Piña Colada. We are taking many liberties by adding this to a list of iced coffee things, but the five coffee beans blended in are what make this drink extra special.

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