A lot has been different about 2020, including Halloween. If my neck of the woods was any indication, it was quieter and more targeted, with costumed children visiting areas where neighbors had banded together for a socially distanced, safe distribution of treats and candy. You may have optimistically bought a few bags in case anyone stopped by and you got your act together to set up a table outside, or because you couldn’t resist a sale. But with so many of us working from home without officemates to share the extras, now what?

If you’ve already had your fill of eating it as is, you should consider repurposing the surplus. Here are six recipes from our Recipe Finder that are so good you might be tempted to plan on extra candy.

M&M Bars, above. Customize these with any type of M&M you have around. They would also be stellar with Reese’s Pieces, or even other broken-up candy bars.

Chocolate Chip Crunch Cookies. This recipe calls for Heath toffee bits, which are easily substituted with a Heath Bar.

Monster Cookie Dough. Don’t buy overpriced edible cookie dough from the store! Make your own and use whatever candy/junk food you have lying around the house.

White Chocolate Unicorn Bark. Here’s another trendy, colorful treat. The gummy candy or jelly beans are optional, but why would you leave them out?

Crispy Toffee Cookies. Calling Heath bar fanatics — this is one you’re going to want to make. Feel free to bake the cookies now while you have the Halloween stash and save them in the freezer to eat around the holidays.

Good Stuff Eatery’s Milky Way Malt. Top this outrageous dessert with a handful of Whoppers.

Chocolate Pudding Pie. This showstopper uses a shower of Heath or Snickers bars for a garnish. It may seem like an involved recipe, but the steps are fairly straightforward.

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