With a store-bought rotisserie chicken in your larder, you’re that much closer to a whole variety of easy, quick meals.

Use it as a quick taco filling, either sauced or simply seasoned with any spices you might need to finish. Add it to stir-fries or fried rice. Put it over a slaw to make it a meal. Use it to make a batch of quick chicken soup. There are so many options!

Here are a few we highly endorse, starting with — you guessed it — chicken salad.

Scott Drewno’s Chicken Curry Salad. Walnuts, apple, celery and onion lend both crunch and a little tart-sweet balance. Mayonnaise and curry powder bind it all together and add flavor. Use this in sandwiches or serve on lettuce leaves.

Tahini Chicken Salad. Not a fan of store-bought mayo? Then try this homemade tahini-enriched mayonnaise. The nutty notes go oh so well with dukkah, a savory nut-and-spice blend; chopped dates lend their sweetness and a pleasant chewy texture.

Classic American Barbecue Sauce. Shred that chicken, then douse it in barbecue sauce (yes, Ina, store-bought is fine, but we like this easy one) and use it as a sandwich filling or pizza topping.

Noodle Bowls With Peanut Dressing. Treat your peanut-sauced noodles to an extra hit of protein. This may go without saying, but cut-up rotisserie chicken would be equally tasty on pasta with tahini sauce, grain bowls and savory oatmeal.

Roasted Pepper and Orzo Soup. The lamb topping — seasoned with za’atar and sumac — is delicious on this snappy soup. Know what else would be? Yep, rotisserie chicken.

Once you’ve used the meat, save the bones to make stock. Check out Becky Krystal’s tips and techniques to do just that, right this way.

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