When the spring showers clear out, the sun will come through for warm weekends. Time to dust off those hiking boots, ready your sneakers for mud and plan some trips with friends. You’re going to need some sustenance as you shake off winter lethargy, so we rounded up our best snacks to get you fueled for fun.

Peanut Butter Granolaabove. Consider this granola a base for endless variations. Cooked until crisp and broken into large shards, or left slightly soft for a chewy, bar-like texture, you can add dried fruit or more nuts to give yourself options.

Wild Grain BarsThink grain bowl in bar form. Wild rice, quinoa, nuts and coconut milk make for a power-packed and easily transportable bar. The absolute best thing for going the literal extra mile.

Date-Coconut Energy BallsFreeze these and take them to go for a long hike. These chewy, satisfying little bites are flavored with orange zest and cinnamon, elevating the classic date-and-coconut combo to another level.

Fig Bars. We know these bring memories of the classic cookie, but this upgrade uses vegan honey (or regular honey) instead of sugar, and almond flour, which packs more protein than all-purpose flour. Pack them for kids and adults alike.

Chewy Cranberry, Millet and Pistachio BarsPuffed millet adds a delightful, Rice Krispie Treat-like texture to these bars. Stuck together with tahini and brown rice sugar, these make a welcome alternative to gluey protein bricks.

Peanut Butter Chickpea Energy BallsChickpeas and peanut butter deliver a strong punch of protein in these little energy balls. Freeze them, and you’ll be reminded of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies when you take a bite.

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