As we gravitate toward lighter foods, incorporating more fish into your recipe roster is a healthful shift worth championing. In the case of these selections from our archives, fish dishes give you the opportunity for simple, no-fuss dinners on hurried evenings. Here are some of our favorites.

Pan Seared White Fish With Tomato Curry, above. Talk about quick — this dish takes barely 15 minutes to put together. Spoon this fast tomato curry sauce, inspired by the Iraqi dish masgoof, over perfectly cooked white fish, such as halibut, and serve with rice.

Quick-Braised Snapper in Cilantro Broth. Cook snapper fillets for just a few minutes before dressing them with this chartreuse-colored, cilantro-infused broth. It’s a welcome push of fresh, springy flavors.

Fish Grilled on Citrus. Choose a white fish for this recipe, but remember the method for cooking any fish on the grill. We’ve all found ourselves scraping a shredded fish fillet off a grill grate that just won’t let go. Putting down a layer of lime slices keeps the fish from getting stuck, infuses bright flavors and makes for an excellent garnish.

Sumac-Grilled Fish. Tart sumac and yellow turmeric coat bass or catfish, which are then broiled for under 10 minutes. The nutty gremolata-like topping is the clincher, adding a little extra texture to the fish.

Honey-Mustard Glazed Salmon With Endive and Green Apple SaladWhile the salmon cooks in the oven, you can chop up this crunchy salad to be ready right when the fish emerges.

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