Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Many will flock to Sunday brunch specials or take their moms out to dinner, but what if your mom just wants a casual celebration at home with the family? Or maybe the holiday sneaked up on you, and now every decent restaurant in the universe is booked.

Never fear, we’ve pulled some impressive (and delicious) recipes from our archives — so surprise your mom not just with your kitchen skills but also by how well you know her.

For the mom who wants a steak: There’s a resounding stereotype that all moms like light, seafood dishes and fussy plates. That’s not your mom. A steak purist at heart, she likes it when a sirloin hits her plate perfectly medium-rare. This Steak With Olive Relish (above) delivers just that, and includes a tart, tangy, salty relish for a little oomph.

For the mom on the go: Your mom is a busy woman. She’s the type to spend her weekends running 10ks or volunteering at an animal shelter, and the best gifts you could give her are time and this Vegetable Frittatawhich can be easily packed to go for her next adventure. Mushrooms and kale make a strong foundation for protein-packed eggs, keeping her fueled throughout her morning — and beyond.

For the mom with a sweet tooth: She loves baking cookies, wants to show you her favorite new bakery, and maybe was the person who stole a couple of Reese’s Pieces from your Halloween basket when you were a kid. Treat her to this light and springy Raspberry Fool. She’ll love the fresh fruit and drizzle of white chocolate on this airy dessert.

For the mom who’s a cocktail expert: Your mom knows more about trendy bars than you, and has a liquor cabinet full of fancy small batch bottles. Ask her to pick out her favorite bourbon for this Gold Rush cocktail, then let her tell you all about why the bottle is so special.

For the new mom: Congrats! This new mom’s got a baby and exactly zero minutes to spare. This Aromatic Chicken and Chickpea Stew is not only reheatable, but also gets even better the next day, just the ticket for someone who needs to spend time sleeping rather than cooking, and will be grateful for a filling, warm and flavorful meal.

For the adventurous mom: She loves visiting new places, and is always interested in food with bold flavors and textures. Many are in awe of her willingness to try anything, so step up to the plate and make her this Herb-Stuffed Trout With Savory Almond Granola. That’s right, savory almond granola, a fun crunchy spiced topping to grilled trout.

For the fancy mom: Your mom likes nice things. She’s got a special cheese plate and knives to go with it, has every item of clothing tailored to fit, and loves to entertain. Ask her to set out her good plates (or better yet, set the table yourself) and make this Saffron and Pomegranate Glazed Chicken. She’ll be impressed by this burnished showstopper and its aromatic glaze.

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