Maybe Thanksgiving and its almost-mandatory pie is to blame, but pumpkin hasn’t always been tied to dessert. Its mellow, earthy and barely sweet flavor means it goes especially well with vivid spices, whether that’s in a slurpable soup or zesty curry.

This time of year, canned pumpkin is especially easy to find, and it’s frequently on sale. Now is the time to embrace the fresh fruit, too. Here are seven recipes from our archives that will help you use both types with satisfying, hearty results.

Pumpkin Tortilla Soup. Everything about this soup — color, texture and flavor — screams fall comfort. Double up on the pumpkin vibes by including pepitas for garnish. This is a great dish to make ahead and stash in the refrigerator or freezer.

(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Pumpkin Chicken Chili. Here’s one more if you’re in the soup/stew frame of mind. It would make a great game-day meal for a crowd, especially with a built-in vegetarian option.

(Tom McCorkle for The Washington Post; food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post)

Pumpkin Spoon Bread. It sounds sweet, but this savory and eye-catching dish can serve as a vegetarian main or side for your holiday table.

(Scott Suchman for The Washington Post)

Stir-Fried Orange Pumpkin. Indian cooks take pumpkin in directions many of us have never experienced, and those are some of my favorite ways to eat the fall staple. Cookbook legend Madhur Jaffrey is the source for this recipe, so you know it’s good.

(Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

Grilled Pumpkin Slices With Olive OilAll the pumpkin needs to transform into something unique is fire and three pantry ingredients — extra-virgin olive oil, salt and ancho chile powder. This is the kind of recipe to use up any cute small pumpkins you impulse-bought at the farmers market.

(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Roasted Pumpkin Hummus. Step away from all the flavored hummus at the grocery store and try making your own with this kid-friendly recipe.

(Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

Chickpeas With Pumpkin, Lemongrass and Cilantro. My answer to almost any produce dilemma? Curry it. Grab your coconut milk and spices for this vegan powerhouse.

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