The spikes of chemical-blond hair. The arm tats. The wraparound shades worn on both the front and back of one’s head. The flame-covered bowling shirts, and the chains, and the pinkie rings and the goatee. And a pose, obviously: an aggressive point at the camera, or maybe a double-handed hook-’em horns.

So familiar is the visual vocabulary of Guy Fieri that of course people, when presented with the task of coming up with a Halloween costume that they don’t have to constantly explain (“I’m a whistleblower, get it?”), would dress up as the instantly recognizable human cartoon known as the Mayor of Flavortown. Dressing up as Guy Fieri is a full-on thing — and nobody is embracing this tradition more than Guy Fieri, who presumably knows a thing or two about dressing up as Guy Fieri.

On Monday, the “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” host tweeted an invitation for people to share pictures of their winner-winner-Halloween-dinner lewks. “I’ll be retweetin’ the best costumes from now ‘till the 31st,” he wrote.

People have been dressing up as Fieri for years. In what might have been one of the most high-concept versions of this, Rocco DiSpirito in 2013 was half Guy, half Giada De Laurentiis. Chrissy Teigen donned some spot-on Guy apparel in 2015. Mario Batali did it in 2011, long before sexual harassment allegations cast him out of the celebrity chef club, prompting Fieri to retaliate a few years later with his own orange-Croc-and-Vespa Batali costume.

And the TV chef has shown before that he’s all-in on the joke. “I think it’s funny,” he once told People magazine, describing how he sometimes spots look-alike trick-or-treaters when he’s out with his kids. “It’s cool. You gotta be able to laugh. You gotta be able to enjoy it.”

This year, the Fieri-fication of Halloween started early, when a picture of what looked like a copyright-avoiding costume went viral. The kit promised to turn a partygoer into the “Governor of Tasteville” and included “sunglasses, fake goatee, bowling shirt, donkey sauce” — but, alas, Mashable determined it was a photoshopped fake.

Still, even without the aid of a prepackaged get-up, it seems that making like Fieri is a pretty easy DIY.

And in addition to straight-up copies, there were variations on the theme of Guy:

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