There’s a pretty good chance that you, your wallet and possibly your stomach are still recovering from Thanksgiving. (You may even still be working on leftovers!) It’s the kind of meal that typically requires a bunch of extra shopping and almost always prompts at least a little extra eating. So now is definitely the time to step back and check out what you can make with what you already have on hand.

Cooking and eating from the pantry, whether that means your actual cabinet or supplies you typically have on hand in the refrigerator and freezer, is a smart move no matter what time of year it is. Here are six recipes from our archives that can help you capitalize on your stores, with no or few additional ingredients required.

Spinach and Pasta Soup, above. Here’s a great way to take care of that sausage in your freezer and the spinach threatening to rot in your produce drawer. Feel free to use whatever pasta shapes and beans you have around, too.

Fast Blender Tomato Soup With Cheese Crisps. I had to include at least one more soup, because this beauty is so fast, easy and delicious. Do yourself a favor and keep at least one can of whole tomatoes around for this classic, which you can serve with the included cheese crisps or, of course, the equally pantry-friendly grilled cheese.

Baked Chicken With Dijon Mustard. This is the recipe worth stocking up for when chicken thighs go on sale. Otherwise, you might have everything else needed on hand: mustard, panko, dried thyme, salt and pepper.

Pasta With Pine Nuts and Golden Raisins. Marcella Hazan’s “late-night” pasta makes for a very quick dinner that can be customized with add-ins as you see fit.

Oven-Roasted Hash. Extra onions, potatoes and cabbage don’t stand a chance against this streamlined sheet-pan supper.

Spicy Black Bean Patties. Canned beans are one of the ultimate pantry lifelines. Combined with what might be lurking in your cold storage — onion, garlic and the odd sweet potato — they make for a satisfying meatless main.

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