It’s hard to believe that there were things we didn’t know about Kim Kardashian West. But here we are: It’s 2020 and the nude-selfie-posting, sex-tape-having queen of TMI has truly gone and shocked the world — with a tour of her home kitchen.

The latest social media drama started Wednesday, when the reality-TV star/foundation-garment mogul posted a video of herself in front of a refrigerator in the house that she shares with husband Kanye West and their four children, North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm. The #goals-clean shelves were stocked with a supply of food that could be described — like the home’s much-documented starkly all-white decor — as minimalist.

Eagle-eyed fans zoomed in. There were several types of milk, including trendy oat milk. Some kiddie drink containers with swizzle straws. Maybe some lettuce in a produce bin? And that was … about it. In another drinks fridge, the family had ginger ale and fancy bottled water.

This was, apparently, baffling to many of Kardashian’s fans, who wondered what the heck these alleged humans actually consumed. You know, for food.

Of course, Kardashian was happy to answer-slash-engage on the subject — with a completely on-brand flex.

“I saw a bunch of comments from people wondering how I feed my 4 children and since you guys are dying to know, here a little peek inside our main fridge filled with lots of fruits and veggies!” she wrote in an Instagram story in which she proceeded to share a full tour of the operations that feed the Kardashian-West household. And, people, it was even more amazing than the idea that the family existed on oat milk and air.

Kardashian first showed off an immaculate pantry, a shop-display-like array of identical glass receptacles topped with what look like marble lids. Lazy Susans held, of course, glittery sprinkles “for my frozen yogurt.” Because who doesn’t top their midnight fro-yo with edible blue glitter?

And then, behold, she revealed a frozen yogurt machine, an impressive, commercial-looking model that’s the size of many people’s actual refrigerators. She moved onto the fridges in question, noting that all her kids use different milk and that the family had stopped using plastic bottles for water. Sillies, these were just their drinks fridge(s)!

But then there was the big reveal. Kardashian took us down a pristine white passageway and into the home’s real kitchen to solve the mystery.

“This is the kitchen where it all happens,” she announced as she showed a massive walk-in fridge whose shelves were laden with fruit, veggies, various bottles and tubs of what looked like prepared foods. “Guys, I have a walk-in refrigerator where we keep all of our fresh, organic produce.”

There was apparently a chef on staff (“say ‘hi!,’ Marina!” Kardashian instructed) who had whipped up the evening’s dinner, a dish of vegan tacos and green beans. A commercial-size range and prep area. And yet another refrigerator. “Then if you want a little more chaos, with tons of oat milk and almond milk, you have this refrigerator,” Kardashian said as she pulled the door open to what we think was the fourth fridge of the tour. “Okay? And then our freezer, I didn’t even show you guys our other freezer. There you have it, guys.”

Of course, social media had a field day with Kardashian’s response to critics.

Some also pointed out that while Kardashian boasts of her plant-based diet and decision to eschew plastic bottles, there was … a lot happening there.

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