What’s the point of having out-of-season warm days when none of the fresh bounty of that weather comes with it? If you’re feeling wintry blue and want a little taste of summer to tide you over, turn to frozen fruit.

As Becky Krystal explained in October, frozen vegetables are often picked right at their peak freshness and immediately frozen, meaning that they can sometimes taste even better than the fresh ones that you get at the store that were picked underripe and left to mature on the long journey to you.

The same applies to frozen fruit. Frozen fruit might not have the texture of fresh, but it’ll have all of that flavor, concentrated.

So, grab a bag of berries from the freezer aisle, and let’s get started.

Graham Cracker Berry Crisp, above. Just toss defrosted berries with a little lemon juice and cornstarch for the base of this easy crisp. Graham crackers are nostalgic of summer treats, while a little sprinkle of cozy ginger helps situate this summery crisp in the current season.

Jamaican-Inspired Curry Mango Shrimp. A little sweet with a bit of kick, this creamy shrimp recipe is a quick weeknight meal. A bonus: The frozen mangoes will hold their shape while everything else cooks.

Mango Glaze. Before you set your cakes and cookies out for the crowd, consider: Would they benefit from mango glaze? The answer in nearly all cases is yes. The glaze would be nice drizzled atop the Grandmother’s Poundcake from our Baking Basics Series or a simple sugar cookie.

Cast-Iron Pork Tenderloin With BlackBerry Bourbon Barbecue Sauce. No need to use fresh blackberries here — defrost the frozen ones, then proceed as the recipe directs for a fruity barbecue sauce with pronounced depth (thank you, bourbon!).

Peach-Apricot Cobbler. The Food Lab loved this one — we gobbled it up fast. It has soft, tender cakey bits from the simple batter, crispy sugared ones from the cast-iron pan, and plenty of juicy fruit flavor to let you reminisce fondly over the king of summer bounty, the mighty peach.

Baked French Toast With Strawberry Sauce. Baked French toast is the way to go when you want to have a crowd over for breakfast — everybody gets served at the same time and can pour on exactly as much jammy strawberry sauce as they want.

6-Minute Berry Cobbler Mugs. Sometimes, you really just need a little bit of sweetness, quickly. Enter this mug cobbler you can whip together with the berries you were saving for your morning smoothie. If you’ve got the time and the energy to really put some effort into a cobbler, we think a Sweet Cherry Cobbler With Chocolate Truffle Crust would be very well received.

Yogurt Panna Cotta With Berry Sauce. You can make a panna cotta with whole milk instead of heavy cream and it is still delicious. Extra delicious, in fact, because of a dose of Greek yogurt for tang and a mixed berry sauce spooned on top.