Valentine’s Day is Friday. Do you have a plan for your friends and/or loved ones? Will you wait until Thursday and then decide you need a plan?

Either way, we have you covered. We know about the temptation to grab one of those grocery or drugstore boxes of chocolate. Instead, we’re offering up five chocolaty recipes from our archives that you can whip up at almost the last minute, most with ingredients you may already have in the house. How sweet.

Nutella Doughnut Truffles, above. A box of stale doughnuts for Valentine’s Day? No, thanks. A tray of elegant, chocolate-dipped truffles made with day-old doughnuts? Yes, please. Whether you decide to share that the main ingredient came from your neighborhood doughnut chain is entirely up to you.

Fudgy Flourless BrowniesAll you need are a few pantry staples, one pan and 20 minutes of work to put together these rich, gluten-free treats.

Chocolate Almost-Mousse. You’ll have to come to the realization that you want to make this at least a few hours in advance, to let the pudding base and finished mousse chill. Otherwise, this makes a fine day-ahead or morning-of dessert.

Salted Marshmallow Walnut Fudge. This recipe takes all the intimidation factor out of making fudge, thanks to the inclusion of sweetened condensed milk. We enjoyed the Rocky Road experience with the marshmallows and nuts, but change the mix-ins to suit your loved one’s sweet tooth.

Boiled Peanut Butter CookiesThank Edna Lewis for this no-bake, pantry-friendly cookie. It also happened to be the most popular recipe from our 2019 holiday cookie package.

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