When weather zigzags between frigid winds and rainy, semi-cold humidity, few things are better than tucking into a baked good and a cup of something hot.

If you’ve not given scones a go, it’s time! Though some may be intimidated by scone-making, scones are a great introduction to baking fussier goods. Remember: Keep your butter cold and whatever you do, do not overmix!

Ginger and Almond Scones, above. This recipe claims these scones are foolproof, and that’s correct. Yes, the dough will be sticky, but you’re not doing anything wrong, we promise. Feel free to up the amount of crystallized ginger.

Chocolate Chip-Mocha Scones With Cacao Nibs. These scones use a little buckwheat flour to add texture. The flour’s earthy flavor pairs well with chocolate chips, making for a not-too-sweet treat. And with coconut oil in place of butter, these scones are vegan.

British Scones. If you’re looking for something to remind you of our friends on the other side of the ocean, follow this method for the fluffy scones that accompany an afternoon tea.

Maple Cashew Scones. Whole-wheat and spelt flours add earthy nuttiness that complements maple beautifully. You’ll be reminded of pancakes — you’re welcome.

Cherry Pistachio Scones. Cherries and pistachios are a match made in heaven, so why not put them in a scone?

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