Every St. Patrick’s Day, one thing is a given: You will be bombarded with green food. A lot of it is not so appealing, and a lot of it has absolutely nothing to do with actual Irish cuisine. We can do better.

Check out these dishes with roots in the Emerald Isle from our archives. And, yes, there is even some green.

Shepherd’s Pie, above. This is about as classic as shepherd’s pie gets, chock full of ground lamb and covered with a sea of mashed potatoes. You also have the option to make one big pie or four individual servings. (For a meatless option, check out this Lentil-Mushroom Farmer’s Pie With Turmeric Cauliflower Mash from Food editor Joe Yonan.)

Beef and Stout Stew. Grab a case of Guinness — some for you and some for this stew. It’s hearty and comforting and will fill your house with enticing aromas during the several hours that it cooks.

Irish stew. If your stew preferences skew lighter, you’ll be pleased by the brothy, mild comfort of this dish made with lamb shoulder.

Jan O’Halloran’s Brown Bread. Here’s a pantry-friendly loaf bulked up by the addition of flaxseed meal and quick-cooking or instant oats.

Cabbage With Crispy Bacon. This recipe comes from Irish cookbook author and cooking school founder Darina Allen. Even skeptics might be won over by quick-cooking cabbage garnished with bacon and butter.

Spinach Pies. Just nominated as a reader favorite in our live weekly online chat, these tartlets may be one of the prettiest ways to eat your greens.

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