Honestly? It’s so easy eating green when you’ve got spinach around. Fresh or frozen, it can be slipped in just about anywhere. We’ve all seen jokes on how much it wilts down, but the fact that it can wilt at all makes it incredibly versatile — if you’ve got a bag you haven’t addressed early enough, give it a quick rinse and toss it into just about any dish you’re cooking up.

We pulled some easy recipes from our database where you can use whatever form of spinach you have on hand.

Three-Cheese Spinach Orzo Bake, above. We could all use a cozy, layered pasta bake. Creamy ricotta and your favorite tomato sauce layered with orzo and frozen spinach.

Creamy Spinach Soup With Goat Cheese. This is possibly the best way to slurp those greens! A whole lot of spinach wilts down into this creamy soup that features a hint of tangy goat cheese.

Greek Lentil and Spinach Soup with Lemon. Another cozy soup, this time with hearty lentils and bright lemon. This is a high-yield recipe, so feel free to freeze portions for the future.

Spinach Salad With Blackened Chickpeas. If you’ve got fresh spinach, what better way to feature it than in a salad? This one is topped with chickpeas tossed in the type of blackening spice you’d ordinarily save for your favorite seafood.

Pesto Penne With Chickpeas. Use up a whole lot of spinach by blending it right into a pesto that then gets tossed into this simple pasta. You can also save the pesto for other uses — a sandwich spread, thinned with more oil to make a dressing, the list goes on.

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