We’ve stocked our pantries full of beans and canned tomatoes, but even though we’re isolating and distancing, we’re still thinking of spring and its fresh greens.

If your biweekly grocery store run or CSA box yields lovely greens, it’s time to make a leafy salad. A bright, crunchy green bite in my cozy cooking rotation gave me a little bit of cheer and a break from pantry-fed dishes.

Be flexible with the greens you can find vs. the greens specified in these recipes. If you can’t find kale, use spinach. If only spring mixes are to be found, use them. Don’t stress too hard about finding the exact ingredients. Instead, use these recipes as guides.

Spinach and Prosciutto Salad With Apple-Onion Vinaigrette, above. Just a handful of ingredients make this tasty and light salad. Cook up a sweet-tart chutney-style dressing (you can save some for sandwiches), then dress a bed of spinach and draped prosciutto.

Kale, Clementine and Hazelnut Salad. Massage kale to bring out a silky texture, then add sweet citrus to balance the greens’ strength. Crunchy nuts round out the picture.

Mediterranean Crunch Salad. A medley of beans, cucumber, bell peppers and tomatoes make this salad crunchy and juicy. No endive? Use crisp romaine, butter or even iceberg lettuces.

Loaded Chopped Salad With Creamy Tofu Ranch. We’re here to say you can have as much ranch as you want. Especially when it’s extra-creamy thanks to silken tofu. Use whatever veggies you have in this salad.

Chipotle-Garlic Chopped Salad. Use green leaf lettuce or even cabbage as the base for this spicy and vibrant dish. Frozen corn, zapped quickly to defrost, makes a sweet appearance here. Crunchy tortilla chips and a little cheese take it over the top.

Crunchy Salad With Curry Lime Vinaigrette. Chop up cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, snap peas and carrots for this little number. Don’t worry if you’re missing anything — whatever you have in your fridge will taste amazing when dressed with this zippy curry lime dressing.

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