In the summer, one of the ways we love to enjoy the great outdoors is to throw together a picnic with friends.

Given the coronavirus pandemic, however, we’ve all been leaning heavily toward virtual get-togethers.

While all in-person gatherings bring risk, health experts say hosting a small, socially distant gathering outdoors is less of one. (Before you decide to host a picnic or any event, give this guide a read: How to host a get-together as safely — and graciously — as possible.)

If you are able to get to a park with appropriate distancing options or have access to a patio or yard, maybe you can have that picnic.

As for what to put in your basket, have no fear, Voraciously is here.

Summer Tomato Panzanella, above. Instead of worrying about things getting soggy, lean into it. This panzanella demands you embrace all the juice of a ripe tomato, and it’s well worth it.

Classic Fried Chicken. Learn to make fried chicken. Even when it’s cold it’s delicious, meaning you won’t need to stress about keeping it hot to take to the park.

Coronation Chickpea Salad. The ideal vegetarian picnic main is here. Bring flatbread and spoon these spiced chickpeas into a tasty sandwich.

Warm Parslied New Potato Salad. If you’re a mayo hater, this zingy potato salad is the one for you. Mustard, vinegar and parsley add big flavor to creamy potatoes.

Rosemary Lemonade. What better summer drink than lemonade? Infusing just one extra ingredient — rosemary — makes all the difference.

S’mores Torte. Camping with friends may be out of reach this summer, but s’mores can still be in your life. This torte is even better chilled.

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