Ice cream makes me happy. When asked as a precocious tot why my dad had to work, I answered: “Make money, buy ice cream.” Priorities!

I will eat ice cream just about any way you can think of — at an ice cream shop, out of a grocery store pint, carefully portioned from a batch I made. The last option, however, is probably what brings me the most joy.

If you’ve been letting your ice cream machine collect dust for way too long, now is the time to bust it out, thanks to these variations from our Recipe Finder. (Don’t worry, there’s a no-churn option here, too.)

Kahlua Ice Cream With Dulce de Leche and Espresso Beans. If a coffee shop drink swung by your local watering hole, you might get something like this slightly boozy flavor I concocted last year. You can also use the related Sweet Cream Ice Cream Base as a backdrop for your own custom flavor.

Peach Ice Cream With Amaretti and Ginger. I doubled up on peach flavor — fresh fruit plus freeze-dried — to capture the best of this summer staple.

Peach Ice Cream. You don’t need to cook this option, made with sweetened condensed milk.

No-Churn Bourbon Brown Sugar Ice Cream. Here’s a great no-churn possibility for those without an ice cream maker, from cookbook author and Serious Eats contributor Stella Parks.

S’mores Ice Cream. I don’t find myself sitting in front of campfires that often, so instead I added butter-toasted graham crackers and Marshmallow Fluff to chocolate ice cream. It may be blasphemy to say this, but I may prefer it to the real thing. Here’s the Chocolate Ice Cream Base for your consideration as well.

Vegan Chai Ice Cream. A favorite beverage also inspired me to create this nondairy flavor, the backbone of which is canned coconut milk. Here’s the Vegan Coconut Ice Cream Base that you can riff on.

Fresh Cheese Ice Cream With BlackberriesIf you tend to find some ice cream too sweet, have a look at this tangy, tart recipe that takes inspiration from Mexico. And from the same cookbook is this Tres Leches Ice Cream.

Rocky Road Nice Cream. This recipe employs the popular strategy of using bananas as a smooth base.

Correction: A previous version of this article referred to the Peace Ice Cream as no-churn. It is no-cook, but requires churning in an ice cream maker.

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