Mojitos and their traditional lime-and-mint pairing make for a bar classic that’s easy to re-create at home. You can stay true to classic formula, or mix it up with one of the below variations.

Mojito, above. Here’s one as classic as they come, with fresh mint and a good quality white rum.

Black and Blue Mojito. What goes well with mint? Berries! Fresh blackberries and blueberries make for a fruity twist on a classic drink.

(Deb Lindsey/The Washington Post)

More than a Mojito. A drop of vanilla and pineapple add another spin on the mojito. This recipes calls for culantro (in terms of flavor, similar to cilantro) instead of mint, but if that’s unavailable, stick with original mint or get creative with basil.

Red Beet Mojito. Puree a little beet for a splash of bright red into this fun mojito version.

(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Mojito Criollo No. 3. The surprise here? No rum. Instead, turn to cognac for a very different, and very tasty version.

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