Some dinner salads will leave you hungry. Not this one, which offers plant-based protein and smoky russet wedges.

The heavenly aroma of this one-pan dish will bring your family and friends running to the kitchen.

A meatless, easy wonder from Sam Kass's new cookbook, “Eat a Little Better.”

Crisped skin on the fish and a bright-tasting side dish both come together fast and easily.

Potatoes get top billing in this incredibly easy and savory tortilla.

A blender-quick puree of parsley, jalapeno and onion makes this soup colorful and tasty.

Each portion promises a generous amount of the star ingredient in this simple main + side dish meal.

If you have qualms about cooking with fish, try this recipe.

A tangy sauce and crunchy, toasted walnuts take this quick chicken dinner to the next level.

Roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh basil provide brightness in this satisfying dish.

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