This savory chicken sausage and vegetable cobbler recipe is a quick, comforting weeknight supper.

This recipe calls for a whole head of garlic, but we've got time-saving tips for easy peeling and pressing.

If you have leftover rice on hand, you can make this filling salad in 15 minutes.

Punchy puttanesca sauce makes a flavorful cooking liquid for seafood.

The fun part is deciding what to serve along side this family-style skillet. Consider avocado slices, pickled jalapenos, salsa, sour cream, lime and cilantro sprigs.

Jumbo or extra-large shrimp are best for this dish, which features a rich, spicy, buttery sauce.

This mushroom pasta recipe calls for a mix of chestnut, oyster, portobello and shiitakes.

This spicy shrimp bowl recipe comes from “Feeding the Frasers” by Sammy Moniz, a cookbook featuring recipes she makes her husband, champion CrossFit athlete Mat Fraser.

This Cantonese chicken soup recipe adapts the velveting technique to turn finely minced chicken into tender bites dispersed throughout.

Don’t make this creamy broccoli lemon pasta sauce and then slip that blender back in the cabinet; use the appliance to whip cream, grind nuts and grate cheese, too.

A wok may be the ideal vessel for chow mein, but a sheet pan can deliver the goods, too.

Making a flavored butter is easy: Soften the butter, add flavoring ingredients, such as herbs or citrus, and whisk to combine.

This fast, pantry-friendly recipe turns vegetables into something any pizza lover will love.

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