It's a meatless bowl full of comfort.

This breakfast-for-dinner option is just right when you are really pressed for time and looking for lots of flavor.

Coat bite-size salmon chunks in fresh herbs and make a quick pan sauce. Before you know it, you've got something pretty special for a weeknight.

Stir-fry is always a good choice for meals in a hurry. This one melds the classic flavor combo of ginger and garlic and is flexible enough all palates.

You get a lot of flavor with minimal cooking time.

Use this technique, and the fish won't stick to the grill pan or grate, while picking up flavor.

Almost fritter-like, these are packed with nubby corn flavor and taste like summer.

Complex flavors meld quickly in this simple and healthful recipe. Bonus: a technique that will keep you from overcooking poached chicken.

A novel breakfast for dinner, great 'drunk food,' a fine way to stuff a pita pocket.

This is not your mother's risotto. It is easy, it is different and it makes the most of a humble vegetable.

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