These chicken meatballs and vegetables bake in about 15 minutes — just enough time for you to whip up a Greek salad.

The simple pasta recipe relies on pasta, bacon, cauliflower and Parmesan cheese, but is easily varied.

Cooking fish in parchment is easy to do, but it creates an impressively flavorful dish.

The chicken and vegetable filling in this chicken pot pie is easy to vary to suit your favorite herbs and spices.

Fish turns out crispy in the air fryer without all of the mess of deep-frying in oil.

Shrimp Creole, a classic New Orleans dish, is a one-pot wonder.

Fried rice with bacon and eggs can be ready in 30 minutes, and the recipe welcomes substitute ingredients.

This Instant Pot version of Americanized goulash is a cross between a healthier Hamburger Helper and mac and cheese.

Old-school ham salad gets a big boost of flavor from a generous helping of herbaceous dill.

This leftover-friendly gratin gets its protein from lentils and richness from tangy feta cheese and crème fraîche.

Roast butternut squash or your favorite root vegetable to make this easy-to-assemble phyllo galette.

This hearty potato soup recipe is enriched with sour cream and sprinkled with bacon and shredded cheese.

A baked ham and cheese casserole recipe is great hot from the oven, but it also works as a make-ahead meal.

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