Make double the amount of marinated tuna and use the leftovers to make a second meal.

Toasting couscous before steaming it give this smoked trout salad an extra layer of flavor.

Use mashed plantains instead of potatoes for this flavorful, thrifty casserole.

This is a master recipe for cooking any variety of whole, flat fish, such as flounder or sole.

Use the suggested spice mixes or make up your own for this preparation that results in three flavors of chicken that you can eat all week.

The beauty of this cognac mushroom sauce is that you can throw it together fairly quickly, and then mix and match to create a meal.

Pick up fresh tomatoes of varying colors and sizes to make this pretty pizza.

Chicken pieces are coated in a spicy yogurt and then cooked until a savory crust develops on the outside.

This dish takes about a half-hour to prepare, making it great for weeknight supper.

Mushrooms are mostly water, but when you cook away that moisture, you’re left with deep, concentrated flavors.

Spicy, crisped shrimp complement the fresh, colorful summer produce that is so abundant right now.

A meaty fish, preheated grill and clean grates are a few of the keys to easier fish grilling.

Each forkful of this summery salad recipe delivers the raw broccoli, but with lots of goodies along for the ride.

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