Infuse simple syrup with your favorite flavors and prepare to use it in drinks, baking and more.

Some of them are way too easy to overlook even if you regularly scour things.

This recipe calls for high and low heat on your grill, first to sear and then to finish the cooking.

A great slaw is light and crisp with a dressing that's tangy enough to cut through the richness of grilled and smoked meats.

Including salad spinners, potato ricers and melon ballers.

Ice pops are easy to improvise and require little in the way of equipment or ingredients.

Bonus: This drink happens to be gluten-free.

  • Perspective

Clabbered milk is a pale imitation of what you buy at the store — and can actually mess up your recipes.

While there's no way to eliminate the risks, you can try to minimize them — and still have fun.

Using herbs is not just about pesto — although you should definitely make a batch of that, too.

You really do need to read the recipe. And, yes, at least skim the intro, too.

Shockingly easy, dangerously delicious.

You may have less yeast but more time now, and that's how this strategy works.

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