Skip the dredging drudgery with these crisp, layered no-fry eggplant parm sandwiches.

For this breakfast nachos recipe, eggs are spooned on top of broiled bacon, sausage and cheese-topped corn chips.

This pantry-friendly pasta recipe features chewy bucatini in a garlicky sauce with roasted seaweed.

Hot dog and sausage recipes — including a vegetarian option — to enjoy as you bask in the warmth of summer.

Using the "pot-in-pot" technique allows you to create multiple components of a dish at the same time.

From buns to toppings and everything in between, these burger recipes will satisfy meat eaters and plant-based diners alike.

For grilled fruit cocktails, try charring lemons, grapefruit and pineapple for richer and smokier juices.

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This make-ahead poached salmon and Napa cabbage gets a flavor boost from zippy, bright citrus-miso dressing.

Betty Liu shares her recipe for congee (also called jook, juk and okayu) from "My Shanghai."

The beauty of this technique for cooking whole fish is its simplicity. The fish is stuffed with herbs, wrapped in bacon and grilled until the bacon crisps.

Whether sweet or sour, fresh or frozen, these cherry dessert recipes put the crimson stone fruit to great use.

This Kashmiri paneer recipe layers 10 spices and herbs in a sunshine-y broth.

Fizzy drinks, with or without alcohol, are refreshing and fun thanks to their effervescence.

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