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Clemson's football team dined on Filet-O-Fish by candlelight in a symbolic image of our times.

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Do they work, or is the placebo effect? And does that even matter?

Your six-pack is going to start looking a little different next month.

O'naturel will say "au revoir" to customers after a 15-month run catering to France's growing naturist community.

It may be “totally ridiculous,” but it's not all bad.

Cherokee County Emergency Management officials warned motorists they were creating a hazard by pulling over for the previously frozen birds.

Yes, this Vietnamese restaurant's name is pho real.

Check out the most disgusting things we sampled this year for “Is it Good?”

The candy's unfortunate shape has even become part of the marketing.

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They're not supposed to taste good, and they most certainly do not.

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