The deep history of red velvet involves mahogany cakes, beetroot cakes, food coloring and cream cheese frosting.

Oishii grows its strawberries indoors from a Japanese cultivar, tightly controlling the environment to produce something unusual -- and pricey.

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Burger King's new spicy chicken sandwich has been a long time coming.

The banana-peel bacon recipe going around TikTok and Instagram looks pretty convincing, so we gave it a try. Here's how it went.

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When the pandemic clipped my wings, I started flying in the kitchen.

  • Douglas Heye
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The government agency tweeted the warning as the insects swarm a swath of the country and some home cooks, chefs and the insect-curious trade recipes.

The cookbook author, historian and magazine editor is the first Black woman to receive the honor and will use the grant to fund a mentorship program.

Mass-market brands of kithul are usually watered down or sugared up. Chaminda Ruwankumara wants pure kithul, with all its complexity, to get more attention.

  • Kara Elder
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As the hospitality industry struggles to fill positions, workers around the country see it as their opportunity to make changes.

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My attacker spat the words "Chinese virus" as he kicked and dragged me. Ordering food from Asian restaurants helped me heal.

  • Oranicha Jumreornvong
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At Old Ebbitt Grill and Zenebech, reopening day meant waiting for a crush of diners. Would it come?

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A new Netflix series based on Jessica B. Harris's book "High on the Hog" showcases the impact of African Americans on the food of the United States.

Chicago Tribune appoints staffers Louisa Chu and Nick Kindelsperger as food critics to replace the retired Phil Vettel.

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